The End of the Oil Spill?

Posted by akeenan | Posted in News | Posted on 21-07-2010

Last Thursday, BP placed a cap over the leak despite the risk that bottling up the oil could cause cracks in the ocean floor and more complicated leaks further away. However, surveillance shows minimal oil detected anywhere else, meaning that the cap may be the solution.
If this really the beginning of the end of the 3-month disaster, what has America learned? Hopefully, our country can reconcile the current moratorium on offshore drilling with the economic impacts, both on domestic workers and on oil prices. Perhaps the oil spill will be able to shock us out of the “business as usual” mentality on multiple fronts: fossil fuel dependence, GHG emissions, general pollution. An optimist may even believe that the spill has spurred our government into enforcing laws more consistently, and even forced domestic corporations into considering the repercussions of cost-cutting actions.
There is some hope; on Monday, the White House announced the future formation of the National Ocean Council, a new body that will help clarify the many different laws applying to our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes. There will be representatives on the Council from a variety of different federal agencies who will be burdened with the task of measuring the different demands our country puts on its marine resources, without the power to pass any legislation.  People  hope that the task force will bring more science-based decision making to the government, which has the stereotype of passing laws with only the bottom line in mind.

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