Offset Pricing

Verus Carbon Neutral strives to make our pricing very transparent. Our goal is to make sure as much funding goes to offset projects as possible. For example, when market prices meet or exceed $3.00, at least 80% or more of offset revenue goes directly to offset projects listed on the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

We are proud to have the lowest offset prices in the world. Here's how we do it: We base our price on the CCX market price, add CCX registration and trade fees, transaction fees and our service charge. This means our offset prices fluctuate from day-to-day, but remain well below other offset providers who establish a fixed price well above the market price.

Our price is typically less than half the cost of our competitors (see Carbon Catalog pricing below). It is important to note that offsets are measured in metric tons. There are 2,204.6 pounds in a metric ton. 100% of our offsets are purchased from and verified by the CCX.

2021 Competitive Price Comparisons

Verus Carbon Neutral price per ton: $2.75